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As a busy professional, you have limited time to research and find the most useful information. Our experts, with years of clinical experience and scientific knowledge, distill the essentials for you - to save you time and maximize your resources. 

Resources at Your Fingertips


We use technology to deliver the tools you need to be a better psychotherapist,  wherever you have access to the internet and a digital device. Advances in technology afford us the opportunity to efficiently deliver expertise to your mental health system or psychotherapy practice.

Embed Our Experts in Your Mental Health System


Embed our experts in your office and make us part of your clinical  treatment team. We provide consultation services to behavioral and mental health delivery systems. We can provide this service remotely, and cost effectively.


Our Vision


Research has shown that a small percentage of psychotherapist not only have bad treatment outcomes but even do harm. Why is this the case? Psychotherapy is a complicated relational, theoretical, and technical endeavor that requires many years of training to establish basic competency, and many more years of practice and continuous training to become an expert psychotherapist. 

Psychotherapy is practiced by a variety of disciplines including physicians, psychologists, clinical social workers, marriage and family therapists, licensed professional counselors, and advanced practice nurses. The level of training in psychotherapeutics that each discipline receives differs widely. Many mental health practitioners do not have the opportunity during training to master the basic domain areas of psychotherapeutics.

To further complicate the matter, there are so many approaches to psychotherapy that each of us has to figure out not only which ones are effective, but also which ones we should invest our time and resources in to pursue advanced training.

Most psychotherapists have entered their profession with a genuine desire to help others, but the reality is that spending a lifetime treating mental illness and behavioral disorders is demanding and can lead to burnout. The typical psychotherapist has very little time to develop his or her technical and interpersonal skills through supervision, case consultation, self-study, or attending advanced training and seminars, which are costly in dollars as well as time out of the office.

Technology, while having many downsides, also has afforded us the opportunity to change the ways in which we deliver care and develop expertise. Our mission is to use technological advances to put our experts in your office.

Our vision is to provide psychotherapists at all levels with the tools and resources they need to be the best they can be, which includes care for the self and living a balanced life. We combine science, expertise, and technology to provide you with what you need to be an effective psychotherapist.

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We believe in the healing power of psychotherapy and want all mental health clinicians to be their best. We have all experienced the challenge of trying to find suitable clinicians for ourselves, friends, or family members, and being disappointed and frustrated by how variable the experience and results have been. We want to improve these experiences by using our team of experts to find solutions that work for everyone seeking psychotherapy.

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